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The Mole Guyz

    The Mole Guyz are the most experienced mole trappers in the PNW. No job is too small or too big. Our clients include landscapers, farms, businesses, home owners, schools, and more! We are partnered with Bear Creek Landscaping, and Titan Landscaping, so when your moles are under control you have someone to turn to to fix the damage they did. 

     It is time to call The Mole Guyz if you have mounds or clear raised tunnels through your yard. The Mole guy who attends to your landscaping will do his or her best to clean up any fresh mounds so your grass underneath does not die. If you know we are coming out we ask that you do not do any clean up until we are finished, so that we have a better understanding the moles are at.  

     If you live next to woods or open fields, you might consider going on our maitenance plan. Consider us for all your Mole exterminating needs!

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