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Frequently Asked Questions

How many moles are in my yard? Sometimes just one, Sometimes many! Many different factors play into this. Are you close to the woods? How much do you water? Do you have a lot of nesting areas? are you located at a corner? How much property do you have? What is your soil like? We can give you a better idea when we visit your property based on all of these factors! 

Are moles territorial? Moles are definitely NOT territorial! They stay in family groups for years. They have community runs like our roadways that all moles will use, and you may just have an interstate running through your yard! 

How long does a mole live? Until we get there! A mole can live about 7 years.

Do they come from my neighbor's yard? Moles are social and have community runs. They can move hundreds of feet per day, but if your yard is a desirable place for them, or they get stuck in your landscaping, they may not leave until they have done considerable damage.

Why do I have moles? Water! The insects and worms love the water, and the moles have to eat! Sometimes your landscaping may also trap them in.

How quickly will more come to my yard? This again depends on where you live, and how much you water.

What works to get rid of them? Only trapping them truly works. Buzzers, sonic poles, flooding, gasoline, and baits don't work.

Do moles swim? Yes they sure do!

How long does it take to kill them? We are usually pretty fast about it, and can have your problem under control within a week or two. However, sometimes depending on your soil composition, weather, and other property factors, it may take longer. 

Do moles have eyes? Yes they do, they just don't rely on that sense as much as they do their others.

Are moles rodents? Technically they are not classified as one. They are extremely similar though in behavior, family structure, socially, and physically.  

Is your method safe for my children and animals? We do take care to cover our work in areas where your children and pets play. Anything that may hurt is underneath the ground. However do instruct small children to not play with the equipment. Just like other household items that are potentially dangerous instruction, and avoidance are encouraged. 

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